The Loose Leaf Organic Tea: Detox Tea, 15-20 cups Rid your body of waste and toxicity. Tea with a purpose


  • Herbs used: organic peppermint, organic ginger, organic nettle, organic astragalus, organic milk thistle, organic dandelion root, organic cascara sagrada, organic licorice.
  • Detox blend is used to cleanse the liver, gallbladder, intestines and colon. It is very therapeutic, tastes great, and overall is a great body cleanser and strengthener.
  • This tea will rid your body of built up waste throughout, stimulate bile for peristalsis and get your liver functioning the way it should.
  • This tea is NOT a laxative!
  • 1 serving of tea can be steeped twice. A canister holds 15-20 cups of tea.