• Sprout Living Epic Protein Powder, Original, 12 Ounce


    Epic Protein : Original starts with our organic plant proteins, which are handpicked for their balanced protein content, natural bioavailability and rich nutritional synergies. The nutrient-dense combination delivers 26 grams per serving of complete protein in a pleasant flavor with a silky smooth texture that easily dissolves in water. Complementing the blend with nutrients such as omega fatty acids from Sacha Inchi and a wide range of antioxidants from Cranberry Seeds, in addition to countless others, creates a powerful fuel that maximizes your body’s ability to synthesize protein, recover from strenuous workouts and grow lean body tissue. Delicious on its own or blended with your favorite fruits and veggies, it is an ideal addition to your healthy, active and fit lifestyle.

    • 26 grams per serving of complete vegan protein from four sources.
    • Creamy texture and rich real flavor perfect as neutral addition to any shake.
    • Phytochemicals and prebiotics from Jerusalem Artichoke and Cranberry Seed.
    • No “natural” flavoring, “other ingredients” or additives whatsoever.

    Every Ingredient "On The Front"

    Sprouted Brown RicYellow PeaSacha InchiCranberry SeedJerusalem Artichoke