Pebeo Mixed Media Discovery Set - 6X20ml Assorted Paint Colors


Discover mixed media by Plebe through this set of 6 x 20 ml oil-based liquid alkyd colors! it contains all that is needed to create and add unique effects to your artwork. Simply combine the VI trail and ceramic colors with the fantasy prisms and moon colors included in the set on flat horizontal surfaces. Suitable for use on most surfaces. Stir well before use. Pour or apply in thin or thick layers with a brush or dropper. Depending on the thickness of the application, the paints are dry to the touch after 6 hours and completely dry after 72 hours. Clean brushes with odorless mineral spirit. Includes 1 x 20ml fantasy moon, 2 x 20 ml fantasy prism, 2 x 20 ml VI trail, 1 x 20 ml ceramic.