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Hello and I am glad that you took the time to learn about me.
I have been a Zumba instructor since 2012, after having back surgery, in a desperate desire to have a health body and gain my joy of life again, and why not say, my smile.

The charming accent you hear in-person or livestream classes is from Brazil. I was born and raised in a city in the Rainforest and moved to the US in 2006. My background is in design, as I am licesed architect and urbanist in Brazil.
I plan to keek my blog, it will be more like a journal, active, fun, and informative. There, you will find a mix between what is to follow a gluten-free diet, have a mild intolerance to lactose, and raising my child that has hystamine intolerance. My personal research in nutrition, cultural background from the Amazon, and sustainable lifestyle is also highlighted.
None of these researches have any intent to be curative and they are my own findings shared to bring awareness and encourage you to seek for professional advice, the same way as I did.

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Class Schedule

We are holding live Strong Nation classes twice a week - Monday and Thursday at 6:30 PM PST. and Zumba class live on Saturday's at 10:00 AM PST.

How To Join & Pricing

It's very inexpensive to join us. You can pay $5 per class or $30/Mo for all classes which equates to about 12 classes and a 50% discount over drop in prices.

Group Fitness

Our classes focus on developing flexibility and strength as well as agility and burning calories.  Either through Zumba which incorporates cardio or through a more vigorous Strong Nation workout which includes more cardio and core movements.